Being located in San Diego, Urban Lighting is fortunate to have the opportunity to expand its business beyond the United States and into Mexico. With high-end lighting options and outstanding customer service, Urban Lighting design consultants are suites for international clientele.

As mentioned in the article, “South of the Border in Residential Lighting Magazine, Urban Lighting owner, Tim Jackson, believes the ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers is extremely important when building relationships and discussing lighting options. “The biggest thing was just being ready for them when they walked in the door. A lot of that is the ability to communicate in their language,” says Jackson.

Urban Lighting Showroom Manager, Celia Rivera is fluent in Spanish and is able to easily communicate with Spanish speaking customers. “Speaking Spanish is a huge advantage when it comes to doing business with customers from Mexico, even though most of them do speak English,” Rivera says. “When they realize I speak Spanish, they instantly feel more comfortable and the whole experience is so much easier on all of us.”

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