Whether lights are indoors or outdoors, it is important that your lights are sized appropriately and hung properly. In an issue of Lighting Made Simple magazine, Hinkley Lighting created a reference guide to help ensure you get the most out of your lighting.

Helpful Tips for Hanging and Sizing your Lighting

  1. Outdoor Lanterns. A lantern should measure approximately one-third of your door’s height. If you are hanging multiple lanterns, place them about one-fourth of the height of the door. If visible from the street, your lantern should appear to be half of the door size – the bulb should be 66 inches above the door’s threshold.
  2. Foyer or Entryway. Lighting installed in the entrance of your home should hang at least seven feet from the floor. Place a chandelier in the center to ensure it can be seen from the street if you have a two-story entry or foyer. Consider installing sconces for oversized entrances. Sconces should be six to eight feet apart and should be placed 60 inches from the floor.
  3. Bathroom. Fixtures and lighting directly above your vanity should be at least 24 inches wide and the center of the light or fixture should be 75 to 80 inches from the floor. Sconces are a great option for adding more light to help distribute light evenly in your bathroom. Sconces should be installed at eye level and about 36 to 40 inches apart.
  4. Bedroom Lighting. The best option for generally illuminating your bedroom is a central overhead fixture. Install sconces on each side of your headboard for task and ambient lighting. The wall-mounted lights will create more space on your bedside tables and will help light bounce off the walls to create a spacious, comfortable ambiance.
  5. Chandeliers. Start by measuring the length and width of your room to ensure your chandelier is placed properly in your dining room or as the focal point of a space. Convert the sum of the length and width of your room to inches and that number will equal the proper size of a chandelier you will need. Typically, the bottom of your chandelier should be 30 to 32 inches from the tabletop.
  6. Pendants. Enhance your kitchen with a small group of pendant lighting over an island. The bottom of your pendants lights should be placed about 30 inches from your countertops.
  7. Safety. Minimize dark areas with additional lighting. A well-lit property can help protect you from unwanted guests and intruders.
  8. Outdoor Lighting. Enhance your landscaping and create a clearly visible path by installing lighting on pathways. Each light along your paths should be approximately six inches apart. Test out lighting options on trees and other landscaping elements with flashlights. This will help you visualize uplighting before you install it. Remember to mount fixtures away from the grass to avoid mowing problems.